#Here4U MVMT


#HERE4U is about shifting perspectives surrounding mental health. More than just a social media campaign, this movement is asking the community to demonstrate their understanding for those suffering and end the stigma associated with mental health.

Demonstrate your kindnesS.

Here's how:

1. Share your story on Instagram on how mental health impacts you. 

2. Use the hashtag #HERE4U and tag @here4umvmt in your post. 

3. Don't want to share a story? Then, just post #HERE4U on someone else's post.

4. Join the movement!


✓ YES,  I want stomp the stigma surrounding mental health.


Take Five!

Use TAKE FIVE as a technique to manage your stress and regain composure.
Whether feeling stressed, challenged or simply wanting a break, use TAKE FIVE.
It's a secular mindfulness practice to anchor your awareness back to the present
moment which you can call upon whenever the need arises. Simply find a moment anytime during the day to focus your attention on five in and out-breaths or
access a recording of the practice below


Your StorieS

"When I was very young I was diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder - an eating disorder characterized by severe obsession with body parts, size, and image.  It manifests itself in Eating Disorder Warriors as high anxiety, OCD, depression, and other mental health disorders, adding to the physical symptoms that #EDwarriors struggle with consistently.  As a recovered #EDwarrior, it is part of my mission to share my recovery experience, share tools and resources, and share my truth with the world in hopes of influencing another Warrior to find their path to recovery.  I believe that consistent reminders of positive messaging coupled with targeted therapy sessions that focus on positivity, rebuilding lost self-worth and self-confidence, and rediscovering a sense of creativity, personal truth + intuition are critical to recovery from disordered eating.  I am on a mission to spread positivity and healing practices through collaboration, music, community, and coaching."
Sam Neider @samneider


"I currently suffer with depression and anxiety. Most days are better, other sometimes can be filled with tears. These both were stemmed from a childhood of not only verbal abuse but physical as well by my father. It took me a long time to actually speak up about my feelings and what was happening to me. I wish I had organizations like this or other to talk me through this as I went through it, so to be apart of the help of mental help will definitely hold a special place in my heart ♥️"
Chanell Rose @chanell_rose


"I relate to mental health challenges because I suffered from anxiety & seizures epilepsy and mostly it's been because of battles that aren't on my control but I have managed to overcome"
Linda Sanchez @linjsanchez


"Mental health challenges have affected me and my family for many years. My younger sister suffers from anxiety and depression and is currently being treated for it. I also have a cousin who took his own life after being depressed for a number of years. Mental health is something I try to express to people how important it is and why we need to pay attention to the signs and symptoms relating to mental health issues."
Rachel Bluth @asaprachie